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Shandong Yuqiang Hardware Products Co., Ltd. 

was established in 2003. Located in Chengxi Industrial Park, Leling City, Shandong Province, and its sales headquarters is located in Qingdao. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of building door and window hardware. The main products are aluminum-plastic inverted inside, inside and outside casement, curtain wall opening window hardware; fire retardant flame retardant window system hardware, electric window opener, ventilators, etc..

We have formed research and development, design, mold manufacturing, casting, stamping,surface treatment and assembly as one-stop production system.

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we have a production capacity of more than 1.5 million sets (pieces). The factory covers an area of ​​50,000 square meters; the total number of employees in the company exceeds 100, of which more than 12 are management and technical personnel.
Our products are used in more than 172 engineering projects, and have maintained a good and long-term cooperative relationship with more than 200 building contractor such as Beijing Zhong jian ji ye, Qingdao Lu Cheng, Qingdao Port Authority,China Sinopec, China Power, Huan qiu Group, Beihai Jiandui, etc., with advanced technology Technology, excellent product quality and excellent after-sales service,which has won the trust and praise of customers.

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Advantages of Yuqiang Hardware Products:
Improved raw materials, doubled the bearing capacity
1. The raw materials of the castings are made of four-in-one zinc alloy, and the advanced material formula (±50 ℃) does not deform or break.
2. All stainless steel parts are made of 304 material, containing 7.5-8.5 nickel, which does not rust.
3. The plastic parts in the fitting system are made of high-strength wear-resistant nylon PA66 material, which will never be damaged.
4. The spraying part is sprayed with polyurethane material, the thickness is 45μm-100μm, and the dry adhesion is more than 10 grades, all exceeding national standards
5. The production equipment for zinc and aluminum die-casting machine is 120Ton, and the automatic punching machine is 180Ton,which ensure the hardness, strength and toughness of the casting. Inward opening, inverted, inner and outer casement windows open and close 450,000 times of opening and closing cycles, no distortion of parts, normal use
6. The surface treatment of the plated parts is a trivalent chromium electroplating process, the thickness of the plating layer is 45μm-100μm, and the salt spray test is 120 hours without pinholes, bulging and rust.
After nearly a year of repeated research and designing a mold opening test, Yuqiang Hardware has successfully improved the aluminum alloy casement window hinges, connectors, and inner opening and inverted hinge chains from the original aluminum alloy extrusion material to carbon steel. Stamping parts ensure that the load-bearing capacity of the accessories is increased. The original aluminum alloy hinges can load 70kg, and the carbon steel hinges can load up to 180kg without deformation or fracture.
It has fundamentally solved the load-bearing problem of super-standard large windows and triple-glazed windows. Now this product has been declared a national patent, leading other domestic brands.


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